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Are you wondering what causes twin flame separation and how to fix it? Read below to find out!

What Causes Twin Flame Separation?

If you are in separation with your counterpart, it means you still believe in separation (between you & your higher power, you & your person, you & yourself…).

Moreover, this idea is most likely on a deep level, way below the surface of your consciousness awareness.

Your ‘Homework’

Today I encourage you to explore the ways in which you may be in separation from your own self and also between you & your higher power and of course, between you & your person.

Where do you perceive separation where there is not?

Where’s the disconnect?what causes twin flame separation

Also, is it possible that your separation from your higher power is causing separation within and consequently without?

In what ways do you fear retaliation & abandonment? How might this be contributing to your separation?

This exercise just might hold the “key” to cracking the TF separation code!

Separation Consciousness versus Unity Consciousness Explained

Separation Consciousness, aside from what was listed above, is also when there is a disconnect between your thoughts, feelings, actions, & words.

Every time you heal your energy, you align more with your higher self, your higher power, and your twin flame’s higher self deeper and deeper.

Unity consciousness on the other hand, is when your thoughts = feelings= words = actions.

What You Can Do

I offer an incredible healing modality, The Regenetics Method, which is a series of 4, energetic DNA activations that facilitate healing & transformation on every level.

Additionally, many who experience the 4th activation report having a state of lasting unity consciousness. You can read more about it here.

Wishing you the best on your journey!


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