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To all Twin Flames out there: your journey is a beautiful adventure, filled with many ups & downs. Read below to find out what the twin flame gift is all about.

My Experience With the Twin Flame Gift

The times on my journey when I have felt the most triggered proved to be the greatest gifts from my Divine Masculine.

Every. time. it brought me home to myself. From these experiences, I’ve come to appreciate life more.

My heart was cracked open so that I could love in a way that was true.

This Journey

Energy doesn’t lie & neither does your reflection in your twin flame mirror.

At times it can feel so unnerving & unforgiveable.

And I feel there’s beauty in that.

The Universe won’t give it to you like *that.*

It will make sure you are aligned & ready before your beautiful love story manifests in the physical.

How it Works & Your Job

I promise as you keep doing your inner healing work, examining your triggers, & seeing what your twin is mirroring back to you, you will eventually see this journey as the sacred gift that it is.

Your twin agreed to trigger TF out of you so you could return to one another in unconditional love. So that you could align to your truth. And clear & release everything that was keeping you locked up in an energetic prison.

It’s coming…

A day will soon come when you don’t feel nearly as triggered & you will say, “I did it. I’m in union with my person & the journey was so worth it.”

Your Next Steps…

When you’re ready to show the Universe you’re ready to take this to the next level, Twin Flames 101 is an excellent new course that I’m offering. Many have reported incredible breakthroughs from the bonus content alone.

Twin Flames 101 is ON SALE for a short time only. I wouldn’t wait. 

Wishing you the best on your journey!


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