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The holidays can be a time of triggers, fights, and uneasiness. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Here are 11 ways you can stay high-vibed during the holidays!

 10 Ways to Stay High-Vibed During the Holidays as a Twin Flame (and manifest union in the process)


Remember that joke, “go to your happy place?” Yeah. This is kind of the idea. When you meditate and chill, you find your center and grounded energy.

As you do this regularly, you start to become the observer instead of taking it all in and feeling intense pain all the time.

It’s also just really fun to meditate and it feels so good! Even 5 minutes can do a lot for you. I have excellent meditations for twin flames here.


The holidays can be stressful, so allowing yourself to rest is HUGE!

Challenge yourself to not touch your phone or your computer for an entire day if you can. Lounge in front of the TV and allow yourself to feel guiltless.

You deserve it! You can read a book, manifest union, watch cartoons on the couch, or start on the bonus material for Twin Flames 101 (among many other things).

Say NO/ Set Strong Boundaries

Sometimes it’s important to just say NO. Every time you make a decision, you are communicating to your higher self/the Universe what you are available for.

In turn, you will receive MORE of what you say YES to. Did your mother say something inappropriate? Uncle Larry violate your boundaries?

It’s very important to say “no” or “stop” when something is not in alignment with your truth. In fact, if you are dreading the holidays THAT much, it might be a good idea stay home.

Maintaining a high vibration is all about what feels GOOD. Follow your bliss. It’s leading you.

Hang Out With the Kids

This is a subtle way to maintain your “cool” if you do decide to be around family that can bring you down.

Kids are so much fun to be around. It can be refreshing to be with them as they play, imagine, and discover.

Children are so good at being creative and you could take their tips and use it in your own manifestation process.

Their innocence is truly inspirational and can put you in a good mood as you connect to that part of you that is innocent and pure.

Plus, you may receive “bonus points” from your family for watching them.

Allow yourself to ‘soak up’ all of the joy and innocence that comes with being around children! This is a fantastic way to stay high-vibed during the holidays.

Heal & Use Triggers as an Opportunity

Many who are on their spiritual ascension journey find it difficult to be around their family, especially when their family is still “un-awake.”

It can be so draining to be around them because they are constantly putting out energies they aren’t even aware of.

This can cause the spiritual awake one to feel easily triggered. And let’s face it: the ascension journey can make you extra sensitive.

Also, this can especially be a triggering time for twin flames, as they desire to be together in the physical. By using triggers as an opportunity for healing, you are using them what they were intended for!

Here’s how it works: when you feel triggered: A) remind yourself this is an indication of something that needs to be healed, B) Explore your trigger and get intimate with it: what is this really about? C) Heal yourself either in a recorded audio healing session or by scheduling a session with a healer.

And voila! Congrats on using your trigger as an opportunity for growth, healing, and transformation! This will be sure to help you stay high-vibed during the holidays!

No Pressure

Sometimes what can cause conflict with family is placing pressure on yourself and others. This can be because of expectations (and therefore, limitations).

Go inwards and ask yourself, “in what ways am I expecting too much from myself and/or others? In what way can I allow what is to be?”

By viewing it this way, you free yourself and others and allow yourself to be present. Many twin flames can feel upset when they are separated from their beloved for the holidays.

This is perfectly normal. Instead of feeling sad you don’t seemingly have what you want, feel into the union that is already there between you.

This takes pressure off of what you do or do not see in the physical.

Allow yourself to have funstay high-vibed during the holidays

The holidays were intended to be a joyous occasion! Ask yourself, “What would it take for me to have fun this holiday season?”

Maybe it will include decorating holiday cookies, catching up with someone special, or allowing yourself to have the innocence of a child.

The holidays are packed with joyous opportunities!

This can be an incredible opportunity to be creative too.

For example, if you are acting ‘as if’ union with your twin flame is on its way to you, you could create a photo album of your last Christmas that you were in separation.

The holidays can be fun, even if you are feeling like a Grinch 😉

Go Out in Nature (weather permitting)

Going out in nature can do wonders.

The Earth’s surface is packed with negative ions, which make us feel grounded, safe, and present.

If you are feeling #alltherage from being with family, it’s okay to go on a walk in a safe (and weather permitting) location!

It may help you to feel grounded, and more calm and at peace. Sometimes the act of walking can ‘run off’ a lot of excess energy and that makes it easier to relax/be around family.

Also, it may be easier to connect with your twin flame’s higher self if you go out in nature and spend time in the elements.

Focus on What You DO Want

stay high-vibed during the holidaysWhen we feel #allthetriggers it can be easy to get into the energy of “what do I have to be grateful for?”

BUT, you attract what you vibe/think/feel. The next time you find yourself being triggered AF, try to focus on what you DO want.

For example: how would it feel if your holidays were perfect? What would it be like to be with your twin flame in union during the holidays?

How would that feel? What would it be like if you were on the other side of this breakthrough, feeling happy and free? Imagine it, feel it, attract it.

I teach you how to do that in greater detail HERE..

Practice Gratitude

This is probably the most important way to stay high-vibed during the holidays of all! I don’t get out of bed until I’ve deeply practiced gratitude in the mornings.

It sets my entire day up to feel happy and in an energy of what I DO have (versus what I don’t). Practicing gratitude can also be a powerful manifestation tool as well.

The truth is that you and your twin flame are ALREADY one. Feel the feelings of this and feel ever so grateful for your oneness!

Wishing you the best on your journey!


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