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I have a lot of deep concepts to talk about in this post about Twin Flames and Adam & Eve & Judgement (oh my)!  This relates to the “original separation.” It’s not as scary as it sounds, so let’s dive right in!

Twin Flames and Adam & Eve

Whether you believe Adam and Eve existed or not, I’m really just going off of what their story represents, because the meaning is what is important.

If you don’t believe they existed, that is fine, you can still get the message from this post.

Adam & Eve represent the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine. The garden of Eden represents Heaven on Earth.

Essentially, when they ate the Forbidden Fruit/Fruit of Knowledge (whatever you want to call it), they chose Ego/Fear over oneness/God/unity consciousness.

The Separation

This oneness that they walked away from is really oneness with God.

So, they went out of the garden, and that is when the “separation” happened.

The separation is between man and God.

Because really, we have all been designed to have oneness with our higher power (whatever you call it: God, Source, The Universe, the Creator, All that Is, your Higher Self, etc.,).

In my opinion, if the story of Adam & Eve were to have extended, I think Adam & Eve would have split from each other too.

twin flames and adam & eveThis is because they lost their inner unity when they separated from God (which is really separation from self).

You contain within you, GOD. That is your “inner temple.”

Obviously, we’ve been in a state of separation on this planet for “millions of years,” according to “A Course in Miracles.”

“Judgment Day” Approaches…

Now, we are getting to this place where we are “returning to the garden,” or unity consciousness/oneness/heaven on Earth.

As we do that, right now, I feel that we are in the state of judgement.

For many people, judgement is a scary concept because in many Christian and Catholic religions, they talk about God judging you.

But really, God is not judgmental because God is loving.

So, if that is the case, then what is Judgment?

Tarot Cards & Their Symbolism With Judgment

If you are familiar with the Tarot, there are 22 major arcana cards starting with The Fool at #0. The major arcana tell of the Fool’s journey (the hero’s journey).

As he goes from being innocent as he starts out, etc., he goes inward (#9, The Hermit), experiences transformation (#13, Death), sudden change (#16 The Tower) etc.. Then the second to last card, Judgment is a #20 card….

Which is interesting, because the year that I am typing this is the year 2020…

The Year 2020

When I think of the year 2020, in many ways it is represented by Death (transformation), The Tower (sudden change), and in many ways (especially the last three months of the year, in my opinion), it is represented by the #20 major arcana card, Judgment.

Judgement is less about judging others & being judged by God, and more about going inwards and saying to yourself, “okay I have been through my hero’s journey. I have experienced the ups and downs.

Through it, I have acquired wisdom and knowledge and I am closer to my higher power. With my new, expanded consciousness, with my oneness with God, I am deciding (with God) who or what is no longer in alignment with my life and where I am headed, and who or what IS.”

From this point, it is about allowing the old to crumble away and allowing the new to be “birthed.”

 Healing Activitytwin flames and adam & eve

I hope this clears things up on your journey. This may be a message for you to take a step back and see how far you have come in this year alone (or since the beginning of your journey).

From here, see all of the good that has come out of this year, 2020.

This is about reviewing everything you have learned up until this point and then ask yourself, “What is in alignment with truth? What is in alignment with love? What is in alignment with where I am headed and want to be headed? And what isn’t?

This could even be a list (a T chart) with a column of what you would like to keep in your life and what you do not want to keep in your life (or to face out).

And you don’t have to do any of this right now, but it is something that you can look upon and work out with your higher power and ask to be guided and lead and shown the way.

I hope this serves you on your journey.

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Some of the concepts discussed in the above article are from Chapter 2 of ” A Course in Miracles.

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