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I’ve tried to quit the twin flame journey so many times.
It’s brought up deamons & pain I sometimes prefer to pretend never existed.
It’s forced me to come face to face with my deepest, darkest shadows.
But every time I try to quit, I’m reminded that I’m on this journey regardless of my free-will.
I really don’t have a choice.
And that’s not a bad or negative thing.
Like anything else in life, there are aspects of this journey we can control, and aspects we have no control over.
And every time I try to run away, it’s because I’m trying to control things I have no control over & then feel defeated & hopeless & helpless.
When we accept there are some things we can control & others I can’t, it gets better.
And from there, I move into a place of feeling amazed by this entire experience.
The love you have for your twin isn’t going anywhere, and neither is theirs for you.
While it may feel otherwise, the draw you feel toward your twin isn’t actually an addiction (for as much as others tell you the contrary).
How beautiful & refreshing is it to have this unbreakable, infinite tie of unconditional love to someone no matter what? Where your are in a sense deeply committed? And where you are in a sense, always together?
And when you think about it, all of the pain ultimately leads you to true freedom & Heaven on Earth.
It’s so worth it.

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Wishing you the best on your journey to union!





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