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If you think the twin flame journey is all roses and romance think again. This journey isn’t for the faint of heart. Here’s a little but on the ups & downs of the Twin Flame journey.

Releasing Who You Once Were…

The past week or so, I’ve been mourning the person I once was… or rather, my attachment to her.

I couldn’t tell you exactly how she’s any different than I am now, but I can feel this deep transformation.

And the odd paradox is that I feel more myself than I ever have.

The more pain you carry, the more you are disconnected (or in separation from) your true, authentic self.

Pain Isn’t Natural…. & Yet It IS

Pain isn’t part of your natural state. It causes distortion in the field which creates a limited lense through which you perceive your world.

I teach in my course Twin Flames 101 that it doesn’t matter if the healing you do is labeled “Twin Flames Healing” because any work you do on yourself is benefiting your twin flame connection.

The Ups & Downs of the Twin Flame Journey

Many people on the transformation journey feel they are dying (I’ve felt this so many times). And in a sense they are, but not in the way it may feel like or seem.

Transformation is a process of shedding the old & welcoming the new.

Even though it’s painful & scary at times, it gives you an incredible “return.”

Your true self emerges and with that, you become the person you always knew you were. And you step into your true, unlimited nature & bring light to those around you…


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Natalie is certified in Emotion Code, Usui & Tibetan Reiki (second degree), and The Regenetics Method. She inspires and supports those on the spiritual awakening and ascension journey. Please visit the shop for powerful energy healing sessions and other tools to help you on your journey. Thank you for visiting Lionheart Alchemy! We are so happy to serve you. Namasté.