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The only true love story in real life that I have ever known and that inspired me was that of my grandparents: Popops & Momoms.

A True Love Story

I feel that true love stories are few and far between. Everybody wants to be in love, but few meet that special person. Even those who do often find themselves in “impossible” circumstances.

My Grandparent’s love story was so beautiful & special and it set the stage for me to have a gold-standard in the love/romance department.

She was born & raised in Paris and he was an American (who grew up speaking French). They met during WW2.

After they married, they were captured by the Germans & placed under house arrest for 1 or 2 years.

Hearts of Gold

They were my favorite grandparents & we had a very special bond.

Momoms and Popops were the epitome of unconditional love.

When it came to love, it was an art form, and it didn’t matter it was with the family or each other, they were both master artists.

Both Momoms & Popops were Taurus & very passionate & head-strong.

They weren’t afraid to make each other mad either!

I remember he would ask her to “please pass the bread” at the table & she would throw it to him like a baseball, knowing it would make him furious!

Even in old age, they could make us blush with their love & passion for one another.

Childhood Confusion

Growing up, people told me I looked like Momoms & I was confused because I didn’t think I looked like a “shriveled up old lady.”

Momoms & Popops came to me today (January 6, 2021) during a healing session. They gave me kisses & told me to be safe.

It felt so special to be visited by them from the other side. I could feel their unconditional love.

I feel so honored to have witnessed TRUE love. May every person reading this manifest theirs in the physical!


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