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A couple of days ago, I sat down to write this post about spiritual resistance. After a short while, I noticed my own resistance coming to the surface (funny how that works).

I was able to explore it and allow myself to heal from thoughts/ideas/beliefs that were holding me back.

Ultimately, this propelled me forward in my progress.

I strongly believe if you can successfully work through resistance, you can achieve anything.

Below I give an outline about what resistance is and how to overcome it. 

The One Powerful Thing That Will Keep You From Healing

Odds are, if you have tried energy healing EVER, it did some pretty deep work.

Or perhaps it didn’t.

Maybe you invested in an energy healing class and you were promised the world. “This class will clear abundance blocks,” or “you will help you attract the love of your life in this class.”

But it didn’t work.

You saw everyone in the class accomplishing their goals while you didn’t accomplish yours.

Most likely, it wasn’t the class that was the problem. It was your spiritual resistance. 

What is Spiritual Resistance?

Do you remember the old cartoons when one character is running and trying to drag the other cartoon character, but his feet are digging into the ground, not allowing him to move forward?

On an energetic level, this is what spiritual resistance looks like.

Resistance is the part of you that says, “No. It is not safe to heal. It is not safe to move forward. I will neither heal nor will I move forward.” It is a form of free will that blocks healing from taking place.

Although we no longer live in caves, we don’t think a whole lot differently than our caveman ancestors.

They were all about survival. To them, change was a huge threat to their survival.

If something is threatening your survival in your mind, you won’t have much motivation to move forward.

Note: even if you aren’t consciously in touch with your resistance, you may still experience it and have it.

The Good News

Even if you are experiencing spiritual resistance, it is just another form of energy. Therefore, it is possible to heal and work through it.

While it may require persistence and while it may be uncomfortable, exploring your resistance can profoundly propel you forward and you can finally experience the joy, bliss, and happiness that comes when you heal.

Steps to Working Through Spiritual Resistance

Although it is always most important to practice self-love, working through resistance heavily requires self-love, gentleness, and lovingkindness.

If you are feeling angry towards yourself for experiencing resistance, you will not be able to overcome this energetic block.

Here are the steps you can take to overcome resistance:

Be Curious

Approaching spiritual resistance from a place of curiosity rather than anger, judgment, and a need to know right now will open you up to healing and releasing this energy.

Ask yourself, “I wonder what is causing me to stay stuck? Hmm, it is possible that I feel unsafe moving forwards? I wonder why? Are there any past experiences that could be causing this?” and so on…

When things come up, labeling them as interesting can help you to remain neutral. Additionally you don’t give your power or strength away.

Journal it Out

Journaling is a wonderful practice that can make us understand more about ourselves.

The part of your brain that writes is different than the part of your brain that is trying to rationalize and figure things out.

Write out your questions and allow your pen to flow, writing whatever wants to come out. 

Practice Detachment 

As you notice whatever to come up, allow yourself to feel it.

When you do so, it will flow through you.

Don’t get hung up on whatever comes up.

Acknowledge its presence, thank it, and see if anything else comes up.

When things come up that are particularly difficult, allow yourself to process it, and remind yourself it is neither good nor bad, but neutral.

Honor Your Spiritual Resistance as Sacred 

I’m not using the word sacred to imply religious, by any means.

It is sacred because it is part of your experience, and that is important to honor.

Your experience is real.

Your emotions are real and by exploring them, you are honoring yourself.

Practice Lovingkindness

Most likely, one lesson that is meant to be learned when encountering resistance is learning to love yourself. 

If anger, guilt, shame, and frustration come up, honor them and continue to move forward, guiding your attention to the love that you have for yourself.

Practicing lovingkindness with yourself is the most important thing you can do.

Metta meditation, taking a hot bath, attending a yoga class, going on a walk, etc. are some of the infinite ways to practice this love with yourself.

Acknowledge Your Efforts 

Simply sitting down and acknowledging that you explored your emotions is important.

Even if you don’t see results immediately, sitting down and beginning to do the work is an important step forward.

Take Baby Steps if Needed 

Spiritual work can be difficult on the mind, emotional body, etc.

It is better to take consistent baby steps forward rather than doing more than you can handle and never visiting it again.

Use Affirmations 

Affirmations are a wonderful way to tell the Universe and your subconscious mind the energy you would like to embody.

Per the Law of Attraction, like attracts like, so when you think and feel affirmations, the energy of them becomes magnetically attracted to you.

Some affirmations for working with resistance include, “Change is easy… I am already where I desire to be…. My dream life is already mine…. I completely release all resistance from my life now…  what I want wants me… I already have what I desire.”

It can be fun to make your own affirmation that is specific to your situation. Try writing out a few yourself and reciting them throughout the day.

Although resistance is unpleasant energy to experience, doing the work and overcoming it will profoundly impact you in the best way.

If you have already completed the above exercises and are still experiencing trouble moving forwards, visit the sessions page and schedule an Emotion Code appointment today to overcome this ickiness! 

Wishing you the best on your journey,




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