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Earlier today I experienced a major breakdown/breakthrough. During the process, I cried and wrote the following: The Chambers of My Heart: A Breakthrough Poem.

In the deep of my heart

Most of my life

I have felt an awful pain

From a painful part.


The darkness owned me

and sucked out all of my vital energy

like a dog & a flea

I had no control over me


It made me believe I had no power

& made me feel quite a bit sour.


Darkness won

Or so it seemed

I wasn’t done

Is what I dreamed


Until a recent miracle

That helped turn the light on

It really was quite lyricle

An ugly duckling, now a swan


In the darkness of my heart

A light now shines

There’s no reason to part

And now I can close the mines


The light cracked it free

In the chambers of my heart

No longer a stormy sea

But a work of art!


Now I am free

of the pain

that once consumed me


A wiser being

Filled with more light

Thank you for the pain

Which ultimately brought delight.


Wishing you the best on your journey!


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Originally written on 18 January 2021

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