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Energy work is no joke. It is powerful, intense at times and can make you uncover things about yourself that you might never have realized before. However, sometimes energy healing is so subtle that it doesn’t feel like anything is happening. Here are 10 powerful signs that your energy is healing on deep levels.

Keep in mind that if you do engage in energy healing and you are not experiencing the symptoms below, healing may still be happening.

Following a session, processing occurs whether you experience symptoms or not.

Additionally, it can help to consult a medical professional and/or therapist if you are experiencing any of the following symptoms, as they could be indicative of something more serious.

1. Irritability

a.    What is happening: when you clear out the old, outdated programming that you have been carrying around on a deep level, this can sometimes cause you to feel irritable because you have let go of things you have attached onto for so long.

b.    What to do: remind yourself this is just a side-effect from energy healing and that you are better off having done the work. Allow yourself to process, rest, and feed yourself comfort food. Allow yourself to experience your emotions. 

2. Frustration

a.    What is happening: similar to irritability, this can occur following a powerful healing session because you may feel that you are not exactly where you want to be. Healing sometimes looks like taking one step forward and two steps back. Additionally, feeling frustrated because you don’t know a lot about what is going on, but you are feeling so much is something many experience.

b.    How to help: remind yourself that sometimes feelings like pain and frustration can propel you forward and can indicate major growth. Be gentle with yourself, rest and relax. You shouldn’t feel like this for more than a couple of days. Remind yourself that everything is temporary, even uncomfortable emotions. Physical exercise can be extremely beneficial if you are able. Others find it incredibly healing to connect with the spiritual community online or in-person to share experiences and get advice.

3. Feeling Emotional 

a.    What is happening: the more you awaken and the more you heal, the more you realize that you have been shielding the truth from yourself. You may begin to look at situations, people and things differently and feel that you have been robbed from the truth. If you think you may be going through a spiritual awakening, read this article to find out for sure. 

b.    How to help: remind yourself this is also completely normal and know that to achieve freedom and happiness, you first must be exposed to the truth. While you can’t undo the past, you can start right now to create the future of your dreams, one step at a time. Cuddling with your animal friends can be incredibly soothing during this time. 

4. Existential Crisis

a.    What is happening: when you heal on deep levels, question things about yourself and your life such as: who am I? Why am I here? What will make me happy?

b.    How to help: know this is completely normal and as you recover from past trauma and heal, the answers will come when they are ready. You can’t achieve your dream life until you make changes first, and healing your energy is a powerful first step. Additionally, spending time in nature and connecting with the planet can help you to feel more grounded during this time. 

5. Physical Signs of Release

a.    What is happening: as you clear and purge energy, healing occurs on all levels. The physical body is the densest form of energy you have, so when you experience physical signs of purging and release, it is a very positive indication that healing is occurring on all levels. Physical signs may include: going to the bathroom frequently, flatulence, sneezing frequently and vomiting (in rare cases), and experiencing flu-like symptoms like the chills. Some even get sick or experience the spiritual flu (aka. Vibrational flu). See Marci Baron’s post on Spiritual Flu here.

b.    How to Help: if you are experiencing any of the above signs, taking care of yourself as you would if you had the stomach flu can be super helpful. Drinking a lot of water to helps the toxins flush out of your system. Sticking to the BRAT diet (Bananas, Rice, Applesauce, Toast) can help ease your stomach as you release outdated programming. If symptoms persist, it may be a good idea to see your licensed health care provider.

6. Feeling sleepy/Needing to Rest

a.    What is going on: your mind is like a computer. When you give your computer an update, you need to restart it. The mind is no different. If you are feeling incredibly tired and sleepy following an energy clearing session, know this is your body’s way of re-booting. Your body and energy are recalibrating and need some time to adjust.

b.    How to help: if your body wants you to rest, then rest! Allow yourself to sleep or take a nap. Even if you “Netflix & chill,” it can be very helpful as your energy upgrades!

7. Feeling Disoriented

a.    What is happening: when you purge from deep levels in your energy field/system, you may feel a little disoriented. A lot of the time when you release energy, you have been carrying it for a long time, either most of your life, your entire life, or sometimes even before you were born! This can cause you to feel disoriented because, on a subconscious level, you confused your junk for yourself.

b.    How to help: don’t make any decisions while you are feeling this way. Know that in a couple of days or a week, as your energy balances out, you will have a better understanding of things. Allow yourself to relax, if needed. 

8. Memory Problems

a.    What is happening: you just experienced a super-powerful energy clearing session and now you can’t remember how you do something or the importance of it. It occurs to you that you do this task every day! Why are you suddenly experiencing issues? Sometimes the energy you release is attached to memories. Sometimes as you release the energies that no longer serve you, it just takes us a little while as your energy re-calibrates and balances back out to re-adjust.

b.    How to help: Know that you are not going crazy! This is also completely normal to experience. Be gentle with yourself and know that it will come back to you. 

9. Mourning Your Past

a.    What is happening: without even realizing it, when you release things in powerful energy clearing sessions, you are releasing things you have held attachment to. Even if you are happy to be releasing it, know that having had it in the first place means that you were getting something out of it. Often we confuse our junk for ourselves.

b.    How to help: remind yourself that you are not your junk and you are now way better off not having it. Be gentle with yourself and know that by releasing outdated programming, you are engaging in a beautiful act of self-love. The more you do so, the more you will attract your dream life to you (whether you have a good idea of it or not)!

10. Sensing a Major Shift/Change

a.    What is going on: powerful energy healing sessions can create major shift in your life. While this may be painful, it is a powerful sign that your energy is healing. What may seem like something bad happening (such as a divorce) is usually something that is occurring for your highest good. Unfortunately, pain is a major catalyst for change. While these shifts and changes can be painful at times, they ultimately make way for better and more meaningful things to emerge.

b.    How to help: remind yourself that change is the only constant in your life. Allow yourself to detach from everything. While changes at times may seem hectic, sudden and traumatic, the Universe has a loving and brilliant plan to make you happier than you thought possible and fulfilled on all levels. Grounding work can be incredibly helpful at this time.

If you are experiencing any of the above, make sure to go easy on yourself and stay away from energy healing until you are feeling back to normal. It shouldn’t take too much longer before you are feeling like the new and improved version of yourself! Remember, while your symptoms may be uncomfortable, you are journeying back to love!

Wishing you the best on your journey,


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