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On October 31st, Mercury stationed retrograde. Many who are energetically sensitive feel discomfort during Mercury Retrograde season. 

However, it can be used to accelerate your personal growth. 

Read below to see how you can survive this Mercury Retrograde season and turn sh*t into gold!

What is Mercury Retrograde?

Three times a year for three weeks each, Mercury appears to be orbiting backward in the sky. This is due to an optical illusion.

 However, through the generations, astrologers have observed things tend to happen during this time.

 Mercury “rules” or represents communication, contracts and agreements, intellect, organizational systems, technology, and transportation.

Astrologically, when a planet retrogrades, it goes into a “sleeping” or “resting” state.

When it sleeps, it doesn’t “rule” it’s areas like normal, causing strain and disorder.

When Mercury stations retrograde, these areas can get a little chaotic.

Additionally, Mercury Retrograde is classically known as a time in which people from the past return.

This Particular Mercury Retrograde…

The Mercury Retrograde we are currently experiencing is happening in the sign of Scorpio.

Scorpio is the most intense of all of the signs and represents death and rebirth.

Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, the potential for transformation is at an all-time high right now (as this article is written/posted).

Additionally, this particular Mercury Retrograde is happening close to Venus, which is the planet of love.

This could bring in transformation dealing with communicating feelings of love.

So you may get the opportunity to have a beautiful conversation you have been desiring to have!

What to Avoid During Mercury Retrograde

While the following list is a “general rule of thumb,” it doesn’t mean if you partake in any of these activities they will go wrong.

However, the potential for chaos is higher than usual.

Additionally, I find that by doing the inner healing work and using the energies to my advantage, I’m not as influenced as I used to be.

I’ll discuss how you can “ride the cosmic wave” and use the Mercury Retrograde energies to your advantage in healing later in this article.

Signing Contracts

Some say that signing contracts will go wrong if they are done during a Mercury Retrograde. 

Personally, a year and a half ago, I signed two very important contracts during a Mercury Retrograde: nursing school and an apartment lease.

Both ended up falling through later that same year.

I realized nursing wasn’t part of my soul mission and my roommate and I had problems and we ended up canceling the lease early.

However, my vibration has improved significantly since then, and I use the retrograde energies to my advantage now.

One part of using these energies to your advantage is by staying in touch with your intuition and emotions.

If I would have done that, instead of making decisions based in fear, I wouldn’t have experienced the above scenarios.

Knowing when the Universe is guiding you versus making a decision in fear is super important.

So, even if the Universe is guiding you to make a decision or sign a contract during Mercury Retrograde, you can’t go wrong, because it is divinely guided.


Some choose not to travel at all during this time.

Because Mercury rules travel, travel plans are known to go awry when Mercury is retrograde.

Making Important Decisions 

Because Mercury rules the mind and intellect, your thinking may not be as clear as usual.

You may experience confusion, clouded and disordered thinking.

If you are making an important decision, don’t do it “on the fly.”

Allow yourself to think about it and digest it first before acting.

Starting a Business/Job/Career 

Many astrologers say that starting a business, job or career during Mercury Retrograde could have negative consequences later.

Starting while Mercury is retrograde can have aspects that are “hidden” and not in full view until later.

Elective Surgery 

Although surgeons can seem superhuman, they are still human, and therefore prone to the same miscommunication and other lousy effects of Mercury Retrograde.

Some say to stay away from elective surgery while Mars and Venus are retrograde as well since Mars rules surgery and Venus rules beauty (especially if you are opting for plastic surgery)!

Emergency surgery is a different story.

Buying or Selling Anything Expensive 

Because Mercury also rules trade and commerce, many advise avoiding buying or selling anything expensive during this time, such as a home or car.

Ways to Survive Mercury Retrograde

Practice Self-Love 

Because Mercury Retrograde can make you feel uneasy, self-love may be the most important thing to practice during this time (or any time).

Whether you take a bubble bath, go for a walk, meditate, cook healthy food, or read a good book, self-love will get you far while Mercury is retrograde!

Being patient with yourself and honoring yourself and your experiences can have a profound healing effect during this time.

Communication 101 

Probably the biggest downfall during this time of cosmic interference is communication difficulty.

This isn’t the time to assume the message you are sending is the crystal-clear message that is getting sent.

Likewise, don’t assume the message you are receiving is the message that was sent.

Practicing clear communication skills during this period can help you avoid conflict!

Check out this article here to see how you can improve your communication!

Ride the Cosmic Wave 

Although this time can be stressful, it is ultimately for your highest good.

Fears, doubts, confusion and insecurities may arise to your conscious mind that wouldn’t have otherwise.

When these things do come up to your conscious awareness, examine what they mean.

They’re coming up for a reason.

By allowing yourself to feel and introspect, you release your junk and heal!

Those who ride the cosmic wave during this time, so to speak get the most benefit.

Backup Your Computer 

Mercury Retrograde is notoriously known for computer crashes and computer glitches.

Backing up important documents on your computer, or uploading them to a cloud beforehand may prove to be beneficial.

Retreat From Relationships (that no longer align with your life)

During Mercury Retrograde, you may not feel the same desire to connect with certain people, places, circumstances, etc.

This is your divine guidance to turn inward and reflect on whether or not the people/places/things in your life are in alignment with who you are becoming.

If it is time to let go of something or someone, don’t feel bad.

Allow it to be what it is.

Go Inward

Mercury Retrograde is the perfect time to go inward and reflect on your life.

Where do you want your life to transform? What parts of you are ready to be transformed?

Remember, this is happening in Scorpio, which is all about death and rebirth.

Think of it like the cosmos assisting you in bringing about whatever change you need to have just what you desire!

Use Your Fears to Accelerate Healing 

Mercury Retrograde is a time when fears and insecurities can rise to the surface.

Additionally, you may find yourself revisiting old wounds you may have thought were healed.

This isn’t the Universe trying to “punish” you by any means.

However, if you use this surfacing pain to help guide you in your healing, you will use these cosmic energies to your advantage.

Allow yourself to feelexperience and honor what is rising to the surface.

Also, allow yourself to heal and release what no longer serves you.

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Mercury Retrograde: Wrapping It Up

At the end of the day, if you feel guided to do something, don’t let Mercury Retrograde stop you.

While sometimes “chaotic” this can be a valuable time for self-reflection and healing.

If you would like to book a healing appointment with me, please visit the sessions page.

And come November 20th, things will feel better when Mercury stations direct!

Wishing you the best on your journey,





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