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Why I Have a Morning Routine

I didn’t understand the importance of creating a morning routine until I started getting into energy healing. Now that I have had one for several years, I will never go back to not having one! My morning routine sets my day up for success from an energetic standpoint. Since I have started with this practice, I have seen a dramatic impact on the quality of my life.

Time for Me

Setting aside time to myself every morning has become an incredibly important and stabilizing part of my life.

Additionally, I feel that on a subconscious level, I am sending a powerful message to the Universe that I matter and the state of my energy is important to me.

This morning routine has been such a valuable resource.

The maybe three days that I haven’t done my morning routine in the past few years, I have discovered it negatively impacts my overall energy.

Not only will I feel incredibly depleted in my energy, I also find myself feeling moody and unable to handle difficult things.

Doing this routine ensures that I experience peace, centeredness, happiness, love, joy, and authenticity.

Like Attracts Like…

 Per the Law of Attraction, like attracts like.

So, if I start my day feeling good, I will attract more energies that are on the same frequency of feeling good.

This is why starting my day by centering and giving myself time to feel good is so important.

Without even noticing it, I automatically attract more things that make me feel good throughout my day!

This is probably the single most important change that I have made on my spiritual awakening journey.

Where my routine is, for now, it takes approximately one hour to complete.

Creating YOUR Own Morning Routine

This routine is perfect for me right now.

If you are reading this post to get ideas for your morning routine, by no means does yours have to be this long.

In fact, for almost a year, my morning routine consisted of a simple gratitude journal entry that took a maximum of ten minutes to complete. 

As long as you do something for yourself that makes you feel good in the morning, that is a good place to start (and it’s the whole idea, right?).

Maybe your morning routine looks like listening to your favorite song. 

Again, whatever you choose for you is right. There is no wrong when it comes to self-love and feeling good!

My Morning Routine:


This is one of the most important parts of the routine.

It ensures that my energy is protected and that I only allow energies into my field that are to my highest good.

This can be accomplished with a simple visualization exercise.


I like to make sure that I tell the Universe what energies I will be embodying during the day.

I do this with a simple meditation exercise and imagine the energies of what I would like to experience to enter my field.

Daily Energy Cleanse

Then, I place my headphones in my ears and listen to a daily energy cleanse audio.

This is also super important in my daily routine because it puts me at an energetic zero point for my day. 

Have you ever woken up after having a bad dream or maybe you were subconsciously processing something in your sleep and it made you wake up feeling grumpy?

This is why I do the daily energy cleanse. It is a life-saver. I even do the energy cleanse if I feel that I have been around negative energy throughout the day.

When I used to work in a high-stress job, I used to come home and do this cleanse. I would instantly feel better and lighter again.

Morning Meditations

I like to listen to morning meditations because they help me to start my day feeling happy and relaxed.

Additionally, since I am not the biggest morning person, it takes me a little while to get out of bed at first 😉 and this is a wonderful way to prepare myself mentally and emotionally.

You can find an abundance of morning meditations on YouTube. This is one of my favorites by Linda Hall.

Gratitude Journal

This is when I say thank you to the Universe for all that I have and all that I would like to have.

When you say thank you for what you have, it allows you to receive more.

Additionally, when you say thank you in advance for things you would like to manifest, it strengthens your manifestation power. 

The book that inspired me to start this is The Magic by Rhonda Byrne. It changed my life and I recommend it in spades to ANYBODY on their spiritual awakening journey. (Ad)

Aside from shielding and the daily energy cleanse, this is the most important part of my routine.

Daily Mindset Journal 

This is another SUPER important part of my routine. I keep a daily mindset journal where I write what I would like to manifest into my life.

Maybe it is because I am a writer, or maybe for other reasons, but it is incredibly important for me to maintain and increase my energy levels.

It just feels good.  A favorite exercise is writing the energy I would like to invite into my life using I AM statements.

For example: I am peace, I am love, I am grounded, I am stability…

Pull Cards

This is not a super important part of my routine. In fact, it is something I could easily do away with.

However, it is something that brings me joy, so it stays in the routine when I am not running short on time.

I will pull oracle and tarot cards ( I love these) and meditate on the day ahead of me. I feel that it helps me to feel happy and grounded. (Ad)

At the same time, I feel my connection with source pretty strongly when I do this.


This is also super important.

Because it can be easy to be kind of a control freak (at least for me, anyway), surrendering to my happiness, the highest good, and my truth is one of the most important things that I do every day.


In addition to this, I ask the Universe to help me release any distortions of Ego.  I ask the Universe to help me live, communicate and embody my truth.

When you surrender your control to the Universe and operate from a place of truth, you live authentically and in alignment.

When you live authentically and in alignment, you are truly happy and embodying love.

Do you have a morning routine? Comment below and tell me your favorite morning rituals!

Wishing you the best on your journey,


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