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As a twin flames reader and healer, the number one question I get asked is, “Do I have a twin flame connection with so-and-so?” Sometimes I know, and sometimes I don’t know. And regardless of what I know, my answer is usually the same:

A Significant Connection

At the very least, I feel this connection you share with ____this person______ is worth exploring.  I don’t tell my clients yes, this person is/or no they aren’t your twin flame because that is not for me to make the call.

Twin Flame Connection: Only ONE Person Can Know For Sure

The only person who can know for sure is you. Please don’t ever let anybody (no matter what their title may be, or what their track record is) tell you the nature of your connection, because the truth is – only you can know. twin flame connectiontwin

As a general rule of thumb, if this person inspires you to turn inwards, grow, evolve, and heal, then that is a sign of a true twin flame. Twins are often triggered to heal after profound pain. This may deal with the counterpart rejecting or abandoning them. 


While there may be karma between the two of you, this person will ultimately encourage you to be the best version of yourself (in ways that can sometimes feel like a curse/very painful).

I feel that if ______this person_______ is your twin flame you can be together, but it will require going inwards and unite with yourself before you can unite with them.

This often involves a lot of healing work.

 I feel there is healing work that needs to be done and I’m feeling called to say that some things may not be what they appear to be/not everything has been revealed quite yet. In time, and with consistent and proper healing, they will be revealed.

I also encourage you to do research on twin flames, read as much as you can about them, and that will help you on your journey! I also encourage you to heal your wounds. As you do this, your energetically “push” your twin to do the same. As you both unite within, you unite together, without. 

I hope this helps you on your journey,

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Natalie is certified in Emotion Code, Usui & Tibetan Reiki (second degree), and The Regenetics Method. She inspires and supports those on the spiritual awakening and ascension journey. Please visit the shop for powerful energy healing sessions and other tools to help you on your journey. Thank you for visiting Lionheart Alchemy! We are so happy to serve you. Namasté.